Welcome to Bomba Stuzzichini e Aperitivi!

A restaurant and bar, located in Heidelberg, Bomba Stuzzichini e Aperitivi brings a little bit of inner city Italian dining out to the northern suburbs of Melbourne. We specialise in small, flavoursome dishes. In Italy, these are known as Stuzzichini, made to be shared in a social atmosphere to bring people together.

Stuzzichini pairs incredibly well with aperitivi; drinks that are made to 'open up' the appetite for the food that is to come. With a combination of classic and original styles, our aperitivi and cocktails awaken and prepare the senses for the complementing tastes of Italy.

Bomba refers to the beautiful Italian icons of the 50's & 60's, who made a huge impact on the world of film and fashion. Like these bombshells, we are here to make an impact on you and take your taste buds to exciting new peaks.

Buon Appetito!